Your guide to Metaverse

Zuckerberg has described Metaverse as a “virtual environment”, like bringing your physical life into the internet, but a more exciting experience, along with something you may not be able to try in the real world.

It combines the technology of VR, 3D avatars and other means of communication, offering human another “real world” to coexist in. Gather .Town, a combination of zoom and 1990s video game, shows how a new form of online conference should be: a large group of 500 users can meet in a fully customizable space with high level experience.

“That’s the next generation…If you want to have lunch with the Disney princesses, you can do that in the future,” — the Disney CEO

PFP and the Metaverse

“PFP? They’re just some JPEG files!”

PFP, short form of “profile picture”, has become an entry pass for users to enter the metaverse. You can imagine PFP is the same as your identity card, but with a higher level of meaning in it. In the real world, you need to bring your identity card when hanging out with friends, same as in the metaverse, many NFT projects provide utility to their PFP owners, like getting utility tokens, the access of land, etc. Besides, some PFP can even reflect your statue. For example, BAYC owners are always labeled as rich because the floor price is over 50 ETH, and users can easily notice who are the BAYC owners. It’s because blockchain data is transparent! E.g you can check who owns the 24x24 Land on Sandbox…(Landords!!!!)

Not only PFP, but NFTs indeed brings a new business model.

Things like trading, playing games, social networking, hosting or joining events etc, all of them can now proceed with cryptocurrencies: If you want to go inside the Snoop Dog concert in the Sandbox, buy a ticket with $SAND; If you want to play games and earn tokens, link your MetaMask and start the games on blockchain.

Metaverse projects

The Sandbox

Sandbox Alpha finally went live few days ago! Congrats The Sandbox !

I’m a super fan of any voxel and pixel related art, but please allow me to objectively introduce Sandbox:

UGC experience is what the Sandbox always focused on. Users can generate favorable experience, including but not limited to games, concerts, etc, and other users are able to travel to their land and enjoy the moment.

However, with the fixed Lands supply, the demand has become huge, along with the announcement of Adidas partnership, $SAND even grew 1000% in 30days!!

Early before Adidas, a famous American rapper Snoop Dogg has entered Sandbox, selling 1000 private party passes NFT on the market, inviting ticket owners to come to the party and have a chance to interact with him, which the floor price of the pass reached 2 ETH as of today.

Chain: Ethereum

Token: $SAND


source: Bloktopia

Honestly, there’s no huge difference between Metaverses, but Bloktopia. Bloktopia is powered by the Polygon network, as described in their website, it’s a decentralized crypto skyscraper, with an awesome VR experience for users, allowing them to learn, play and earn.

Similarly, users can buy virtual land(“REBLOK”)on Bloktopia with token $BLOK, either resell or lend to tenants to take profit, but Bloktopia offers sole ownership and multiple ownership, which can satisfy those who do not have sufficient $BLOK to buy a whole land. (FYI, 1 $BLOK = US$0.12, as of 1 Dec 2021)

The second way to take profit is through buying ADBLOK In Bloktopia, totems contain ads, where global advertisers put ads on it. According to the official caculation from Bloktopia Medium, the answer is below:

1 $BLOK = $0.017 (As of Oct 12)

1 totem =100 ADBLOK

1 ADBLOK =3 million $BLOK

If a totem received 1million impression in a day, with media agency fee, the revenue generated: $1.1 million per year (=68.7 million $BLOK)

*Impression=2 sec of dwell time on daily active users x Average session time and ad opportunities per minute

So, if you own 1 ADBLOK, you can receive 687k $BLOK per year, equivalent to US$11,679, i.e around US$973 per month.

As of today, $BLOK is almost 1000% up (US$0.17) compared with the price two months ago!




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