5 play-to-earn games you shouldn’t miss

According to Messari report in July 2021, the total market capitalisation of 6 major blockchain game projects is over USD$3.2B. The demand of “Play-to-earn” continues to surge along with the pump of Axie Inifity. Overview all the play to earn tokens, Axie Infinity ranks the top, reaching USD$6.5B, as of press time.

In existing video games, gamers do not have ownership of the in-game items, meaning that all the purchased props will be vanished once the game company shut down their business. As a result, blockchain game solve the major problem. All items on chain is 100% owned by gamers once they bought, and the interoperability allows gamers to use their NFTs in different gaming project within the same chain, which has futrther expand the utility of game items.

As long as the technology of blockchain game becomes mature, more game genres can be developed. Below are the 5 blockchain games that you shouldn’t miss in 2021:

Revv Racing

Gameplay. Source: REVV Racing

REVV Racing is a racing game produced by Animoca Brands, under Revv motorsport ecosystem and process on Polygon chain. Every transactions on this chain process faster and cheaper, compared with those on Etheruem. To start the game, gamers need to purchase a revv racing car on Opensea, around 0.01ETH, with some MATIC for the gas fee, which is quite cheap in blockchain game sector.

Token: $REVV

Exchanges: Gate.io, OKEX, Kucoin, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, etc

Wanaka Farm

Source: Wanaka Farm

Many big names have invested in this projects, including Kyber Network, Poolz, Mochi.Market, etc. If you’re a big fan of Harvest Moon, you shouldn’t miss Wanaka Farm. Gamers will become a farmer to farm, look after the amimals and own a land in the game. Spend only US$200 in $WANA to start and gain $WAI in the game!

Token: $WANA, $WAI(in-game reward)

Exchanges: Pancakeswap


Source: DINOX

Dinox, a turn-based battle game, will launch the Alpha gameplay version on Oct 18! Stake $DNXC to earn an egg or buy on Opensea, battle with other dinosaurs and earn rewards, such as action cards, land and items to upgrade dinosaurs. With help from one of a big investor, DAO Maker, a company who aim at bringing early-stage start-ups to the masses, Dinox has become a highly-expected blockchain game on BSC.

Token: $DNXC, $DNXI(in-game reward)

Exchanges: Gate.io, Pancakeswap, Uniswap


Gameplay. Source: Voxies NFT

Not only pixel art, voxel art NFT is currently under the spotlight, for example Cyber Kongz VX, a 3D avatar will soon be applicable in the Sandbox game. Voxies, a strategic turn-based game, is different from other battle game. Apart from rarity that determines the power of avatar, tactics are vital in the game, which gamers need to decide the route to attack the enemies within the limited steps. Pets, can be rewarded via victories.

Chumbi Valley

Gameplay. Source: Chumbi Valley

Different from Axie Infinity, Chumbi Valley includes farming, exploring and crafting features, to make battle game more interesting. Besides, it combines gaming with staking, gamers can get a higher staking reward APY if they feed their chumbi with favourite food, which also requires gamers to farm in the game. Nevertheless, gamers can gain reward by sending chumbi to work, even they are offline!

Token: $CHIB, $LSTS(in-game reward)

Exchanges: TBA




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